Our work is grounded in research findings over the last three decades in emotional intelligence, brain science, high performance cultures, mindfulness and resilience.

And here’s what we know: results are as much about how it's done as they are about what is done. In other words, strategy and ideas are only as useful as we make them.

When people are too "busy" to prioritize the right work, when they feel burned out and stop getting along, strategies wither and frustrations soar.

By optimizing minds and conditions for success, we help you elevate results at all levels of your organization. And in the process, we make sure to leave the world a better place.

Our Services

Executive coaching

Because demands constantly outpace our capacity to deliver, we support you to develop personal mastery.

Leadership & Team Performance

Study after study shows that smarts and technical skills aren’t enough. We take leaders and teams to the next level.

Culture Change & Engagement

By tapping into the powerful contagion of emotions as enablers of strategy, your organization will become more resilient and more effective.

Organizational Inquiry

Through deep engagement with you and your key stakeholders, we uncover the critical headwinds and tailwinds influencing your organization.

Our Clients

Describing Redshift as skilled at their craft is an understatement. What’s exceptional about Suzanne, Lizza and Redshift, and what truly sets them apart, is their ability to take very complicated notions (like culture or organizational change) or seeming simple ones (like how we treat each other, how we listen, how we take feedback) and turn them into practical, humane and inspiring ways to work.

Lisa Sherman, President and CEO,
Advertising Council

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Redshift is able to help people understand emotional intelligence so that they see how important it is to the business and directly to the bottom line.

Catherine Houser, Executive Vice President,
Worldwide Human Resources, Paramount Pictures

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Suzanne and her team have been exceptional partners in creating a wide variety of development programs, ranging from presentation skills to leading with emotional intelligence, from coaching to facilitating senior leader programs.

Heather Schultz, Director of Leadership and Professional Development,
Clinton Foundation

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After facilitating a business-wide brand audit, it felt important to engage my own team in the same kind of deep introspection. Redshift’s cohesive team shared a comprehensive report of findings and created a safe space for us ask the hard questions, and more importantly, hear—and act on—the answers.

Jane Gould, Senior Vice President of Consumer Insights,
Disney Channel Worldwide

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Suzanne is a great listener. She asks amazing questions. She's incredibly insightful and gets to the heart of things quickly. Our work together has empowered me to own my position and power and understand that I get to have a voice and choose how I focus my energies.

Glennda Testone, Executive Director,
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Center, New York, NY

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When Lizza works with people they are fundamentally moved. There is a seismic shift in people as they begin to see the world through a lens that is productive and hopeful, because Lizza sees their courage and confidence and their ability to make change happen.

Sean Collins, Senior Director,
Organization and Leadership Development, Cox Enterprises/Dealertrack

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With Suzanne's support, my team really tries to focus and be present for everything we do. As the Legal staff, we're forging a path to encourage better listening and more joy at work through mindfulness. It's elevated our performance, how clients feel about working with us, and our ability to identify new solutions...best of all, it's contagious!

Andra Shapiro, EVP & Chief Counsel,
Cable Entertainment, NBC Universal

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Lizza and the Redshift Leadership team expertly supported us to be intentional about how we work together as a senior team and how we create a culture that supports our staff to work and feel their best.

Ron Pollack, Executive Director,
Families USA

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Being able to rapidly build trust and confidence with an external consultant is so important to moving forward successfully with any OD activity. The Redshift team are outstanding in this regard. ​

Alexander J. Lemheney, Administrator,
Lehigh Valley Health Network Division of Education

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Throughout the many months of team and individual coaching, Suzanne empowered people to change their habits and therefore their outcomes.

Russell Hicks, President,
Content Development and Production, Nickelodeon

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I NEVER worry about what they’re going to deliver or how they will work with the teams, and I know that every dollar we spend is a worthwhile investment because we get so much back in return.

Sarah Medary, Executive Director (formerly Assistant City Manager),
City of Eugene, OR

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Lizza and the Redshift Leadership team have become our vital partners in constructing a more effective, productive and happier workplace.

Jennifer Beeson, Deputy Executive Director,
Families USA

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People love how Suzanne connects; she can connect with everyone whether it's a group of 3 or a group of 200. Her sessions really feel like personal conversations.

Denise Smith, Performance and Development Manager,
City of Eugene, OR

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Sometimes consultants come into organizations and churn it like a storm coming through—Redshift was like the sunshine that came in and helped us move through the storm to the other side.

Rachel Biblow, Senior Director,
Patient and Family Services, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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